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pitch installation


Pitch Heating design, installation and temperature control are tailored to each individual pitch.
The whole playing surface and beyond the touchlines is heated providing optimum playing conditions. The heating system operates automatically on fall in temperature modulating to maintain an even frost free surface.
Pipes are inserted at 250mm centres throughout, a typical heated area of 8,000 square metres has 32 km (17.75 miles) of heating pipes below the surface. 

perfect resultheating in an established pitchperfect resultsand mix root zoneheating pipe installation34,500 metres of heating pipes

decoiling heating pipesheating pipe 250mm deep x 250mm spacingsheating in an established pitchthe pitch and beyond beyond the touch lines are heatedinstallation machinery en routeinstalling heating pipes

The boiler modulates between low , high and standby with intermediate settings relative to frost, severe frost, ice or snow conditions. The output of the boiler is optimally paired to the outside conditions and continually monitoring temperatures, switching back to standby when no further heating is required. 


PHL homedesign informationpitch installationPHL clientscontrolscontact us