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Pitch Heating Limited offer you -----
---- A complete pitch heating system designed specifically for your pitch. We take a great deal of care to ensure the installation accounts for the location, orientation, stadium shading and air movements, any uneven surface contours, materials and root zone make up.
We do this to ensure even warming to the pitch area and also take into account run off areas beyond the touch lines for the players, referees and linesmen.

Our heating boilers can be fired on natural gas, light fuel oil (diesel or kerosene), LPG or a dual fuel combination.
The control panel is designed to start the system operating based on air temperature or a combination of air temperature and ground temperature. A five position switch gives on /off /auto /standby and remote operation (remote being typically via your Building Management System or remote dialling system).
All of our equipment is manufactured to UK recognised standards - BS, kite mark, CE mark and installed to current gas regulations, water regulations, electrical regulations and local bye-laws.

We can supply a complete, totally "self contained" plant room in a vandal proof housing, ready to "hook up" to the site services ( i.e. fuel, water, electricity and any BMS monitoring or control system including fire alarms), keeping on site disruption to the minimum. It can be positioned almost anywhwere to avoiding taking up building space already in use or the building of a new plant room.   

We also refurbish, repair or re-install existing pitch heating systems either partly or fully, we can carry out a full survey and give impartial advice and pitch heating recommendations.

An annual service agreement is offered to our clients and is usually carried out just prior to the heating season.

We are always happy to give operators and or maintenance staff free advice on any aspect of operating the system and our experience usually solves most queries in one or two telephone calls or emails.
PHL homedesign informationpitch installationPHL clientscontrolscontact us